Attilio Varrak
Attilio Varrak
James Hastler
James Hastler
Daniel May
Daniel May
Twila Vinson
Twila Vinson
Rob Logel
Rob Logel
Anitra Mirym
Anitra Mirym

Attilio Varrak
Attilio Varrak Rank: Fleet Admiral
Post: Commanding Officer
Gender: Male
Species: Human-Vulcan
Birth Place: New York, North America, Earth

Brief History
During his years at Starfleet Academy Attilio studied to become an engineer. He showed an affinity for command and was guided by his mentor to take additional command courses. After graduating he was posted to the U.S.S. Critius where he rose through the ranks and became their Chief Engineer. After multiple postings he was promoted to Captain and given command of the U.S.S. Chariot. Eventually he achieved the rank of Rear Admiral and received a post at the Corps of Engineers. Later he was detached to Fleet Operations. When threats to the Federation increased he realized there was a need for more ships and command officers to defend the Federation. He formed the STOA fleet and commissioned it's flagship, the U.S.S. Scientia.

Assignment History
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Fortitude NCC-87890 2410-
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Scientia NCC 987890 2409-2410
Assignment Director, Fleet Operations 2406-2409
Chief of Engineering, Corps of Engineers 2404-2406
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Chariot, NCC-92585 2395-2404
First Officer, U.S.S. Escorial NCC-40352 2392-2395
Second Officer, U.S.S. Hood NCC-42296 2390-2392
Chief Engineer, U.S.S. Hood NCC-42296 2389-2390
Chief Engineer, U.S.S. Critius NCC-43187 2389-2389
Engineer, U.S.S. Critius NCC-43187 2384-2387
Cadet, Starfleet Academy 2380-2384

Medals and Awards

  • Christopher Pike Medal of Valor
  • Grankite Order of Tactics
  • Karagite Order of Heroism
  • Prentares Ribbon of Commendation
  • Star Cross
  • Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry
  • Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon
  • Starfleet Medal of Honor
  • Starfleet Medal of Valor

James Hastler
James Hastler
Rank: Admiral
Post: First Officer
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birth Place: Belfast, Western Europe, Earth

Brief History
Throughout the Academy, James studied Starship Operations and Command in-depth, being posted aboard the U.S.S. Pharoah upon graduation, routing through the ranks to Lieutennant in his first few years. His move from Operations to Command was contentious with his superiors. Being promoted to Lieutennant Commander to work on Deep Space 5, James primarily commanded the operations teams rebuilding the colony on Ivor Prime following it's destruction by the Borg in 2373, for which he was awarded the Federation Citation of Honour.

Hastler found himself back serving on ships following his promotion to the U.S.S. February. Unexpectedly following the death of his Captain in a strange conflict with dissidents, James took command of the U.S.S. February, shortly thereafter commanding the U.S.S. Ferrigno. Retaining command of this ship, Hastler was detached to the Aldebaran Sector leading Forward Fleet Operations where conflict with the Klingons came to a fore. This led to increased co-operation between the Federation and the Empire during the resurgence of the Borg, where the U.S.S. Ferrigno was a featured proponent. Attilio petitioned Hastler to join the STOA Fleet, commissioning the U.S.S. Potentia.

Assignment History
First Officer, U.S.S. Fortitude NCC-87890 2410-
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Potentia NCC 990159 2409-2410
Vice Admiral, Forward Fleet Operations 2404-2410
Starfleet Intelligence, Earth 2402-2404
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Ferrigno NCC-97241 2399-2402
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. February NCC-942152 2397-2399
First Officer, U.S.S. February NCC-942152 2397-2397
Strategic Operations Officer: Deep Space 5 2390-2395
Operations Officer, U.S.S. Pharoah NCC-93791 2386-2390
Cadet, Starfleet Academy 2382-2386

Medals and Awards

  • Christopher Pike Medal of Valor
  • Legion of Honor
  • Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry
  • Starfleet Award of Valor
  • Starfleet Medal of Honor
  • Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon
  • Star Cross
  • Federation Citation of Honour

Daniel May
Daniel May
Rank: Commander
Post: Operations/Second Officer
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthplace: Essex, Western Europe, Earth

Brief History
Commander May by most accounts had quite the standard rise through the ranks since leaving the academy, with a change of direction coming at the start of his career rather than later on, moving from Logistics on a Starbase, then to starships, and with a short spell on the famed U.S.S. Titan a short time after Captain Riker moved on from it's command. Commander May met Admiral Hastler whilst serving aboard the U.S.S. February, and in the throws of it's conflict with dissidents became Hastler's First Officer until moving to the Ferrigno.

The Commander had ample opportunity to prove himself aboard the Ferrigno, in it's plentiful bouts against the Borg and seconding as Captain while Hastler's career moved him back and forth the ship for in cause of Starfleet. Throughout this time, May became one of the most familiar officer's in the service with the Prometheus class starships, and was drafted to help develop and design the Hestia Class Advanced Escort. Now that the Hestia is in full use in Starfleet, the Commander has been reassigned to serve on the Fortitude at Hastler's request.

Assignment History
Operations Officer/2nd Officer, U.S.S. Fortitude NCC-87890 2410-
Hestia Advanced Escort Development Program, Sol System 2409-2410
Acting Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Ferrigno NCC-97241 2402-2409
First Officer, U.S.S. Ferrigno NCC-97241 2399-2402
First Officer, U.S.S. February NCC-942152 2397-2399
Operations Officer, U.S.S. February NCC-942152 2397-2397
Operations Officer, Starbase 384 2390-2397
Conn Officer, U.S.S. Titan NCC-80102 2386-2390
Logistics Officer, U.S.S. Derry 2384-2386
Logistics Officer, Earth Space Dock 2380-2384
Cadet, Starfleet Academy 2376-2380

Medals and Awards

  • Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon
  • Star Cross

Twila Vinson
Twila Vinson
Previous Name: Camila Robinson
Rank: Lieutenant
Post: Security/Tactical Officer
Gender: Female
Species: Human-Borg
Birthplace: Ivor Prime

Camila Robinson was born in a Federation colony on Ivor Prime. During the Borg invasion of Sector 001 she was one of the many who were captured and assimilated by the Borg. Upon maturation she became known as Two of Five. Thirty-six years later her ship was part of the invasion of Vega Colony in the Vega System. Shortly after the invasion was repelled, the U.S.S. Scientia, under the command of Fleet Admiral Attilio Varrak, visited the planet to assist in the final efforts of removing the remaining Borg technology.

While there, the Fleet Admiral discovered Two of Five wandering the wilderness seemingly disconnected from the collective. He returned her to the ship where the medical staff assisted in her liberation. It was difficult for her to acclimate to her knew life, but after a while she realized the importance of her individuality.

Learning about her family's history gave her motivation. She decided that she needed a new identity to reflect the person she had become but also honor who she could have been. She decided to combine her Human name and Borg designation. Replacing "Cam" with "Tw" (for two) and "Rob" with "V" (the roman numeral for 5), Twila Vinson was born.

Requiring an expert in the field, the Fleet Admrail gave Twila a battlefield commission to assist in fighting the Borg. She held a special position on the ship (denoted by the color green in her uniform) and worked her way up to Lieutenant. Eventually her role evolved into studying a variety of enemies, from the Undine to the Iconians, providing considerable tactical reports on them. Due to her vital role in the Fleet Admiral's crew, he assigned her to the U.S.S. Fortitude after the loss of the U.S.S. Scientia.

Assignment History
Chief Security Officer, U.S.S. Fortitude NCC-87890 2410-
Tactical Intelligence and Strategist, U.S.S. Scientia NCC 987890 2409-2410
Liberated from the Borg 2409
Assimilated by the Borg 2373

Medals and Awards

  • Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon

Rob Logel
Rob Logel
Rank: Lieutenant
Post: Conn Officer
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthplace: Rhode Island, North America, Earth

Lieutenant Logel quickly found himself becoming one of the most respected pilots to ever come out of the Academy. With commanding Nova Squadron and winning the Rigel cup 3 years in a row without having to perform a Kolvoord Starburst to do it.

Logel graduated from the Academy, but found himself grounded from serving on starships. Despite his impressive piloting, that did more to get him into trouble than it did with success - regularly making unauthorised launches to force Cadets into racing him and other visitors to Earth that he stumbled across.

On the off-chance of noticing this, Admiral Hastler ordered a phsycological evaluation of the young graduate to determine the reasons why - He missed Nova Squadron, and not being at the Academy anymore meant he couldn't fly competitively.Hastler decided he could use a second chance, and with a rare promotion to full Lieutenant to sit at the Conn of the Fortitude, Logel has another opportunity to fly and earn his stripes.

Assignment History
Conn Office, Commander, U.S.S. Fortitude NCC-87890 2410-
Suspended from Active Duty 2409-2410
Cadet, Starfleet Academy 2405-2409
Rank: Commander
Post: Chief Medical Officer
Gender: Female
Species: Vulcan
Birthplace: Kir Province, Vulcan

Growing up, V'Tash was always keen to show her adeptness to the sciences. Coming of age she was quickly accepted into the Vulcan Science Academy, before making the decision against her family's will not to attend, and instead enlisted in starfleet.

With Vulcans rarely seen to be holding any form of grudge, such a controversial decision threw more waves than most and V'Tash made what she deduced as the logical decision, to do as she wished.

After the academy in an odd move, V'Tash left for Medical school, and worked at Starfleet Medical for her entire career before being posted to the U.S.S. Absolute with James before the Iconian War. Earning the Star Cross during the conflict, James forced V'Tash on to the Bridge Officer's test as a hidden pre-requisite for being assigned to the Fortitude.

Assignment History
Chief Medical Officer, Commander, U.S.S. Fortitude NCC-87890 2410-
Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Commander, U.S.S. Absolute N.C.C. 85235 2409-2410
Starfleet Medical 2400-2409
Cadet, Starfleet Medical Academy 2386-2400
Cadet, Starfleet Academy 2382-2386

Medals and Awards

  • Starfleet Surgeon's Decoration
  • Star Cross

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Post: Chief Engineering Officer
Gender: Male
Species: Ferengi
Birthplace: Ferenginar

Kidax, nicknamed "Kid" by those closest to him, grew up on Ferenginar. Not wanting to live a life of opportunity according to the Ferengi's rules made it difficult for Kid. In his early teens, he left his home to work on freighters and transports around the quadrant, learnign the ropes. During the Federation-Klingon conflict, his freighter had been attacked by Klingon marauders. Petitioning the Captain and impressing him with his engineering prowess, he was given a letter of recommendation to join Starfleet Academy - a necessity for members of planets outside the Federation.

During his time on board the freighters and in the Academy, Kidax wrote the "Rules of Engineering", a play on the "Rules of Acquisition". He attributes his success to memorizing and following these rules. Graduating at the top of his class, he has a deep understanding of starship technology, and started climbing the ranks. Fleet Admiral Attilio Varrak took notice of this engineer and rewarded his hard work with an assignment on the U.S.S. Fortitude as Chief Engineer.

Assignment History
Chief Engineer, U.S.S. Fortitude NCC-87890 2410-
Starship Engineer, Utopia Planetia 2408-2410
Engineer, Starbase 39-Sierra 2407-2408
Cadet, Starfleet Academy 2403-2407

Medals and Awards

  • Cochrane Medal of Excellence

Anitra Mirym
Anitra Mirym
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Post: Chief Science Officer
Gender: Female
Species: Bajoran
Birthplace: Rakantha Province, Bajor

Brief History
Lieutenant Anitra is a product of the post-conflict politics that arose after the Cardassian occupation with the Federation's involvement in the planet's rebuilding. As a cadet, Anitra was made an Ensign when the Dominion resurfaced in 2409 and invaded DS9, making Bajor a base of operations for Starfleet. With Majors in Astrophysics and strides made in stellarcartographical research, the Lieutenant started turning heads. After the Dominion invasion had been dealt with Anitra returned to Earth to finish her final year in the Academy, before moving back to work as Science Officer on Deep Space 9. Being noticed for her remapping of sectors of the Alpha Quadrant surrounding the infamous station, Captain Kurland recommended her to the Admiral for her new assignment. Assigned to the Fortitude as Science Officer, the Admiral's want to see those same heads turn as the search for new life continues.

Assignment History
Science Officer, U.S.S. Fortitude NCC-87890 2410-
Science Officer, Deep Space 9 2409-2410
Cadet, Final year, Starfleet Academy 2409-2409
Science Officer - Stellarcartography, Bajor 2409-2409
Cadet, Starfleet Academy 2406-2409
Bajor School of Science 2402-2406

U.S.S. Fortitude, NCC-87890

  • Class: Fortitude
  • Type: Explorer/Battleship
  • Constructed: 2410 - San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth
  • Status: In Service
  • Crew Compliment: 1000

Design Specifications

  • Length: 1028 meters
  • Width: 393 meters
  • Height: 116 meters
  • Weight: 4,329,170 metric tons
  • Cargo capacity: 95,000 metric tons
  • Evacuation Capacity: 10,000
  • Decks: 32 total, 30 habitable
  • Hull: Diburnium-Tetraburnium Composite hull plating

General Mission Objectives

In addition to Federation and Starfleet general orders:
  • Serve as frontline command during times of war and emergencies.
  • Operate as a mobile platform for ambassadorial, scientific, and exploratory initiatives, as well as the testing of new technologies.
  • Provide defense to Federation territories and their allies.

Tactical Systems

  • Beam Array
    • Fore-mounted Beam Arrays: 3
    • Aft-mounted Beam Arrays: 3
    • Power Output: 85 Gigawatts
  • Torpedo Launchers
    • Fore-mounted Torpedo Launchers: 1
    • Aft-mounted Torpedo Launchers: 1
  • Shield Type: Regenerative
  • Number of Grids: 30
  • Power Output: 13 Gigawatts
  • Frequency Range: 37% of EM Spectrum

Propulsion Systems

  • Warp
    • Warp Reactor: Hyper-Charged Warp Core
    • Power Output: 150 Petawatts
    • Nacelle Configuration: Standard Pylons
    • Maximum Velocity: Warp 12
  • Transwarp
    • Transwarp Drive: Standard
    • Power Output: 250 Petawatts
    • Maximum Velocity: Transwarp 20
  • Impulse
    • Number of Engines: 2
    • Type: Efficient Combat Impulse Engines
    • Power Output: 85 Gigawatts
    • Maximum Velocity: 110

Operational Systems

  • Sensory Arrays
    • Number: 50
    • Type: Multimodal
    • Range: 22 Light-years
  • Deflector
    • Type: Axiom
    • Power Output: 400 Gigawatts
    • Field Strength: 650 Millicochranes
  • Transporters
    • Personal: 6
    • Cargo: 4
    • Emergency: 6
  • Computer
    • Type: AC-16 Bio-Neural Super-System
    • Version: LCARS 5
    • Storage Capacity: 984 MegaQuads
    • Processing Speed: 625.000 ExaFLOPS

Small Craft Compliment

  • 6 Type-8 Shuttlecraft
  • 4 Type-10 Shuttlecraft
  • 1 Captain's Yacht


“Courage in pain or adversity”

Coming together to bring our new flagship to life feels like nothing short of a feat of strength. Ironically, the fortitude it took was enormous. With all the ideas that we had (and the money that was spent to do it), the finished product is something that has taken nearly 2 years to bring about, from when we first started to talk about replacing our ageing flagships.

With the onset of Delta Rising and the Tier 6 ships that were brought with it, a new flagship (or the upgrading of the ones current at the time) was always going to be a discussion to be had – we just didn't realise the fun we would have doing it.

From the stories we wrote, to the redesigning of ships, what we wanted for everyone in the fleet was something truly unique to really belong to everyone. And thus, the Fortitude came to be.

Picking the name was arduous in itself, with reams of ideas being thrown left right and centre. But Fortitude stood out, as by definition, it encompassed not just what the process of choosing the flagship took, but everything that everyone has been through in the fleet together.

But to truly make the Fortitude unique, we thought – why not make a new class of ship? The first of her line!

We went from looking at the Command Cruisers, to the new Tier 6 Star Cruisers, and when the Archon was released, we knew that a Fortitude Class Assault Cruiser was the ship for our Armada. As the majority of the STOA's player base uses the Federation as their primary character, it seemed only right to use a Federation Starship as the Armada's flagship. Cutting 4 ships down to 1.

Writing the stories of the destruction and re-purpose of our previous flagships was a great journey, and something special as we really wanted to feel a connection with these ships. In hindsight, we didn't do with them what we really intended to, and making the U.S.S. Fortitude has given us a new opportunity to give this ship its own, proper journey with everyone in the Armada.

We really hope you enjoy the Fortitude as much as we do!

STOA Flagship Museum

Scientia U.S.S. Scientia
NCC 987890
Venture Class Dreadnought Cruiser
Destroyed on Stardate 87427.39
Represented: STO Academy
Read the story here - Fortitude.pdf

The STOA's first flagship, the U.S.S. Scientia took it's name from the first part of the STOA's motto, "Scientia est Potentia," or "Knowledge is Power." Destroyed in an engagement at the end of the Iconian War, the Scientia served as the fleet's first line of defense against threats to the quadrant.

Potentia U.S.S. Potentia
NCC 990159
Armitage Class Heavy Escort Carrier
Destroyed on Stardate 87378.08
Represented: STO Academy Militia
Read the story here - Power_Struggle.pdf

The U.S.S. Potentia, commissioned at the same time as the Scientia took it's name from the second part of the STOA's motto, "Scientia est Potentia," or "Knowledge is Power." Destroyed in a conflict with the Terran Empire at the height of the Iconian War, the Potentia acted as an auxilliary to the U.S.S. Scientia in the STOA's engagements when required.

veS baqto I.K.S. veS baqto'
Tor'Kaht Class Retrofitted Battle Cruiser
Decommissioned on Stardate 87310.7
Represented: Imperial Klingon Defense Forces in the STOA
Read the story here - Grethors_Hand.pdf

As the STOA's reach extended to the Klingon Empire, a ship was commissioned to represent the interests of the fleets that fought with it. The I.K.S. veS baqto' thus became a vessel worthy of it's name. At the precipice of the Iconian War the ship was retired as new ships were built that were more capable of facing the threats to the Empire.

Mol'Lates R.R.W. Mol'Lates
Ar'kif Class Tactical Carrier Warbird
Repatriated on Stardate 87435.61
Represented: Romulan Republic members in the STOA
Read the story here - Lupus_Incognitus.pdf

With the Government of the Romulan Republic officially recognised by the Federation and the Klingon Empire, the Republic commissioned ships to represent it's interests across the Alpha Quadrant as it struggled against the uprising of it's own forgotten Empire. Serving these interests the Mol'Lates was detached to the services of the STOA. The ship was later repatriated with the end of the Iconian War as the Republic sought to rebuild it's fleet.